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January 2010 Blog Posts (5)

Lost Actors on Waikiki Beach for Season Premiere

Stars were shining brightly even before it was dark on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii on Friday night, January 30, 2010. For diehard fans of the television hit LOST, it was a dream come true to see the actors and actresses up close and personal.

The red carpet was laid out across the sand and the crowds were not disappointed. Streaming video was available for those unfortunate souls that could not make it to the beach. You can watch the replay of the video stream here.

If you… Continue

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Musings of a Norwegian Adventurer, Thor Heyerdahl

When we lived in Arizona, I frequently visited the library. One day I discovered a book named “Fatu Hiva”, the first book written by Thor Heyerdahl ( October 6, 1914 in Larvik, Norway, Died April 18, 2002) I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. His way of using words to described his thoughts and feelings impressed me. Here are a few of them:

I had the idea that man was a slave of his own little time keeper. Continuously, it told him to move, to rush, to get ready. Time was… Continue

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Famous Actors and Actresses From Hawaii

Naveen Andrews, (born 1969) originally from England and current resident of Hawaii, Andrews was born in London, England, the son of Nirmala, a psychologist, and Stanley Andrews, a businessman, both immigrants from Kerala, India. Currently starring in Lost.

See who else at:

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Thoughts on Love and Romance

Sometimes we are at a loss for words in describing our feelings for another. Here are a few thoughts that have inspired me. I have added some art to make them even more meaningful. You are welcome to use any of them. Send them by email to cheer up your favorite someone. You never know what reaction you may get, but most probably it will be to your benefit. Go on, try it.…


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To Live Longer, Volunteer Your Services

Boomers are retiring. But what are they retiring to? A life of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Physical and mental decline is usually the case in retired folks. And how sad is that after spending so many years working towards retirement, only to die a couple of years later, or worse, to live with debilitating conditions. There are some ways to keep the mind active and sharp as well as the body.…


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