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Traditional Tongan Attire

In the early 70s we moved from a democratic society to one which was ruled by a reigning monarchy. It was very interesting to observe the cultures and traditions of Tonga. Although in the last few decades some things have changed, the way the people of Tonga dress at many events and ceremonies has not.


The female gender in Tonga dress…


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The Oceanarium Restaurant in Waikiki

Seafood lovers rejoice! You can get your fill of crab legs here. Considered one of the most unique restaurants in the world, the Oceanarium is found at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. You can dine on award-winning cuisine while enjoying marine life in a 280,000-gallon aquarium. There are daily mermaid dives for the guests as well as regular feeding of the fish by expert divers. I totally enjoyed my dinner at the Oceanarium.…


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Polynesian Navigation

I have been on some large modern ships that have many sophisticated instruments to keep them on course. This is very different from the non-instrument navigators I relied on in the little islands of the South Pacific. These helmsmen learned to be finely attuned to nature. Even the color of ocean and the shapes of clouds have meaning to seafarers who have observed them for many years.

I admired how the navigators of…


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Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore, Hawaii

I live next door to one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii. It had very humble beginnings and is now considered the favorite attraction on Oahu. The Polynesian Cultural Center gives an in depth experience with seven Polynesian Countries. These include Samoa, Tonga, Fiji,…


Added by Ruth Elayne Kongaika (Lute) on January 30, 2013 at 12:34pm — 3 Comments

The Cost of Living in Paradise

There is so much to do and see in Hawaii. Hiking, swimming, golfing, cruising and gardening are just a few things that can be done almost year round. Family and friends visit as often as they can to escape icy winters in the mainland. There are mainly two seasons in Hawaii, the dry season and the wet season.

Beautiful scenery, temperate weather, and beaches abound! Temperatures rarely go below 70 degrees Farenheit. Living in Paradise…


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Learning how to snorkel in Hawaii

Many people are interested in learning how to snorkel, so that they can enjoy their time at the beach or in the ocean even more. When snorkeling, however, it is important to make sure that you understand the basics so that you can enjoy yourself safely and without unnecessary risks.

One of the best ways to learn how to snorkel, is by enrolling in an introductory course with a reputable company. Their instructors will be on-hand to…


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Hawaiian Scary Ghost Story

Since Halloween is coming soon, I thought I would share with you a ghost story from Hawaii.

This is my third Hawaiian ghost story hub. Most people call them goose bumps, but in Hawaii, when you feel the presence of a ghost, or you are affected by a spooky story, we call it "chicken…


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Island Expressions

I recently opened a shop on Etsy where I have some of my creations I have made here in Hawaii. I have really enjoyed learning more about making jewelry. There is so much to learn including wire wrapping, making resin pendants, polymer clay, beading and much more. Please check out my site:



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Beachcomber Pete's

I write for an online travel adventure site each month. Here is a link to my articles I have written so far. Please enjoy and share.

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Soul Sangria

The summer months are rapidly approaching and what better time to relax with family and friends then over a pitcher of Soul Sangria, featuring Soul Premium Cachaca.  The mix of fresh summer fruit, tang of red wine, and smooth finish of Soul Premium Cachaca make the perfect combination for amazing sangria.

Creating this delicious drink is incredibly simple. First, pour the wine, pineapple juice, gin, sugar and fruit wedges into a…


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How to Be Successful with Your Artwork

To make money with your art, it needs to have a certain quality, be available in a certain quantity and needs to be consistent.

Art produced while you were a student is not quality because you have been learning the basics under the direction of a professor – it was only an exercise. You need to have had enough experience trying to find what you like and what you are good at so that you…


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Natural Health Remedies from the Islands of Tonga

Traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation is crucial to the survival of the people of Tonga. Many have embraced a Western diet, and experienced poor health as a result. Medicine made the "old way" use trees, gifts of the sea, leaves from certain bushes and roots. Many families in…


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Crowd Control

There are many public gatherings that require crowd control. For order and safety, it is necessary to put up guides and barriers to show the best way to and throughout the function. There may be confusion and frustration without the proper equipment to lead guests at a special occasion. If you are planning an event, and require the best gear to control the crowd, you can get all you need at Camelback Displays. For various gatherings, including conferences, trade fairs, craft shows and…


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Guest Posts are Welcome - Write for Us

If you would like to be a guest blogger for Hawaiian Art, please email me. I would love for you to tell of your experiences in Hawaii, post a picture you have taken in Hawaii, or submit a video about Hawaii.

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Free or Inexpensive Sights to See in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands offer much for the sight seeker. The island of Oahu, on which I live, boasts many gorgeous beaches and lush dense mountains.

There are many…


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Almost to Retirement and Making the Tough Decisions

As one of the so-called "baby boomers", we are nearing retirement. In fact, there are three people in my office that I work with who are taking early retirement. Almost on a daily basis, I hear them talking about how excited they…


Added by Ruth Elayne Kongaika (Lute) on March 22, 2012 at 12:03pm — No Comments

Intercultural Marriage and Moving Away from Your Home Country

I chose to marry a person from another country. We have had many adventures together. Was it easy? Definitely not. Would I trade my experiences to have stayed in my own country? No, I wouldn't.

In any marriage, you have to compromise and find a middle ground to keep your relationship compatible. There are some choices that intercultural couples must make that are very difficult.

Here are a few things that stand out to me as difficult decisions for us and an interracial…


Added by Ruth Elayne Kongaika (Lute) on March 14, 2012 at 9:30pm — No Comments

'Otai - A Yummy Watermelon Drink

One thing I am looking forward to this spring and summer is watermelon - I have missed it this winter. Hopefully soon we can make some watermelon drink.  Here is a great recipe if you love watermelon, like I do!

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Edmonton Residences for Rent

Rent Edmonton is the place for you to find suitable places to live if you are moving to the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. has made it very easy for you to locate a property. There is a map showing areas of the city, including Central, North West, West, South West, North East and South East Edmonton. It also lists well-liked areas including Millwoods, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove,…


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Hawaiian Holiday Recipes

Here in Hawaii, the holidays mean great food. Yes, we usually have the traditional American food,  and, because there are so many different cultures living here, we also have a potpourri of other delectable food items to please all the guests and neighbors. So besides the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, you may find on the table some Hawaiian Pork Chops, Hawaiian…


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