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Many people are interested in learning how to snorkel, so that they can enjoy their time at the beach or in the ocean even more. When snorkeling, however, it is important to make sure that you understand the basics so that you can enjoy yourself safely and without unnecessary risks.

One of the best ways to learn how to snorkel, is by enrolling in an introductory course with a reputable company. Their instructors will be on-hand to teach you all of the things you need to know to have an enjoyable experience.

There are a few basic things that the instructors will go over in your classes together; one of the first will usually be to teach you how to clear your diving mask of the water that will inevitably leak in. To do this, you simply press down on the mask above your eyes and blow air out from your nose. This will force the water out of your mask and then allow it to reseal on your face water-free. You may also need to know how to get water out of your snorkel; to do this, simply blow air out of your mouth quickly into your snorkel. Like your mask, this will force the water out leaving you with a clear airway. The instructors should also go over how to deal with the pressure changes when doing “duck dives”. These pressure changes are known as squeezes, and it is important to know how to deal with them otherwise you could end up severely damaging your ears. The sensation of feeling your mask pressing tighter on your face and the water pushing into your eardrums can take quite a bit of getting used to, so make sure that your snorkeling instructor directs you on how to handle this situation.

Although there is very little equipment required to go snorkeling, fins can be an extremely important part of the experience. They’re not mandatory, but they change the way that you swim, allowing your legs to propel you through the water more quickly and calmly than if you were kicking without them. This can also help you to be quieter in the water, which is important to make sure that you don’t scare away any of the amazing marine life that could be around you. It is also important to learn how to treat the environment and then animals around you. If you suffer a mishap, you could find yourself with a wicked bite or sting that may have more serious repercussions later on. You also need to make sure that you don’t accidentally brush against the coral reefs that you may be snorkeling near—this can cause mass damage to the reef (which is actually a living organism) and then in turn can cause damage to the rest of the marine life in the area.

Snorkeling is a great underwater activity for the whole family to get involved in and is relatively safe, as long as everyone knows the proper methods and understands how to use their equipment correctly. Make sure to take your instruction course from a reputable company, and you will find yourself snorkeling like a pro in no time!

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